Impression And You Product Trainings

Impression and you India provides free and unlimited training to all its business owners to help them grow their business and achieve their goals.

Training at Impression And You is aimed at:

Enhancing the product knowledge of the business owners

Developing the selling skills to help them build their business more effectively

Empowering the successful business owners to effectively train other IBOs in their groups.

“Impression And You” Training ladder

Level 1 – Basic product related trainings

Level 2 – Effective product presentation & selling skills workshops

Level 3 – Core line retailing workshops and certificate courses

Level 4 – Experiential trainings and events & Leadership empowerment Programs

In addition to this, the training is also imparted through Impression and you’s website where the training modules on products detailing their composition, features and benefits are available for the Impression and you Business Owners. The courses can be completed by them at their own pace. These programs are very useful for a new person who may need a lot of support and knowledge on products in the initial days of setting up a successful Impression and you business. Impression and you India has certification programs and Forums for Impression and you Business Owners who achieve a significant level in their business. These programs are aimed to support them build a growing and sustainable Impression and you business.

Bussiness Start Guide

Providing Guidance at Every Step

Incentive programs that reward business success.

Incentive programs that reward business success.

Free live and online training courses for sales and product knowledge.

Leadership and business training.

Training and support are also available from your sponsor and others.

Ordering Products

You may personally visit the Impression and you Distribution Centre during working hours to procure the products.

You may log on to our website or  through your mobile phones and place orders online.

simply contact at (+91-8700235722) to place home delivery orders. For any consumer complaint please contact Impression and you Customer Care at (0124-4236494) or For business information SMS at +91-8700235722.

Additional Support for Your Business

IVRS (toll free number)

As you build your business, you will likely have some questions. Your sponsor is also responsible for helping you build your business, so don’t be hesitant about reaching out for help. We recommend you to buy Business Support Materials (BSM) developed by Impression and you India specially designed for you to help succeed in reaching your goals.

BSM may include:

Opportunity / Products CDs & DVDs

All Product Handbook

All Product Training Guide

The above are optional and are not mandatory to join Impression and you Business.